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JPSS Science Data Processing
How does the polar-orbiting satellite data get tested and processed?

The JPSS Science Data Process is a critical part of the entire JPSS Program and overarching mission. Developing and fielding a new environmental satellite system involves more than launching a spacecraft. The new system must endure the following phases:

  • First, the new system must be methodically tested;
  • Then, instruments are calibrated;
  • Third, the Earth measurement must be validated to ensure accuracy and reliability;
  • Once this process is complete, satellite observations can be used with confidence when making weather forecasts and other environmental data products; and
  • Lastly, the data can join the uninterrupted record of climate observations from space, which currently stretches more than 30+ years.

The first of the next-generation polar-orbiting satellites, Suomi NPP, is the precursor to JPSS. Launched by NASA in conjunction with NOAA, Suomi NPP fields for the first time: advanced, highly sensitive instruments that all JPSS series are currently proposed to carry.