March 6 2012

NPP to JPSS Transition Complete

viirs tornado
This image from the Suomi NPP VIIRS instrument shows the overshooting cloud tops and intense storms associated with the devastating tornado outbreak in the evening of March 2 and morning of March 3
NOAA’s Joint Polar Satellite System has taken over operations of the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership now that all five of the satellite’s instruments are activated and routinely collecting scientific data.

The Suomi NPP mission enables scientists to advance our knowledge of the entire Earth system by providing enhanced data for our nation’s weather forecasting system and providing extended Earth system data records to scientists to better understand climate. Suomi NPP will continue the legacy of decades-long environmental records, providing critical insight into the dynamics of the entire Earth system

NOAA operates NPP and 16 other satellites from the NOAA Satellite Operations Facility in Suitland, MD. Learn more about NOAA's satellite operations from this new video:

“NOAA is thrilled with the performance of Suomi NPP,” said Mary Kicza, assistant administrator for NOAA’s Satellite and Information Service. “NOAA will be using the advanced data NPP provides to improve life-saving weather forecasts and track volcanic eruptions, and to improve our understanding of long-term weather and climate patterns.”

Launched on October 28, 2011, Suomi NPP is a bridge between NOAA and NASA legacy Earth observing missions and NOAA's next-generation JPSS mission. A government team from the NOAA Satellite Operations Facility (NSOF) in Suitland, Maryland is operating the satellite.

NPP provides the initial flight for groundbreaking new Earth observing instruments that JPSS will use operationally. The first satellite in the JPSS series, JPSS-1, is targeted for launch in 2016.

"The entire Suomi NPP team has done an outstanding job in reaching this monumental milestone," stated Ken Schwer, NPP project manager at GSFC. "With the successful completion of commissioning, Suomi NPP is now ready to provide the world with remarkable Earth observations."

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