June 28 2017

#JPSS1 Social Takes Boulder by Storm

Three months ahead of launch, NOAA and NASA hosted an event for social media gurus to showcase the JPSS-1 spacecraft and instrumentation. Twenty-five writers, bloggers, videographers, teachers, artists and meteorologists attended the JPSS NASA social on June 19, 2017 in Boulder, Colorado.

The day started with a tour of the NOAA facilities including the Space Weather Prediction Center and the National Weather Service for the Denver area, presentations by the Ozone and Water Vapor Group and the National Centers for Environmental Information and demonstrations of JPSS data on the original Science on A Sphere display. After lunch, participants were given in-depth presentations on the JPSS-1 mission by the Program Director, Gregory Mandt, and the JPSS-1 Program Manager from Ball Aerospace, Alex Chernushin, and were able to interact with technical and scientific mission experts.

Keys to the success of the PGRR efforts.

Social media participants posted about JPSS before, during and after the event using the hashtag designation #jpss1. Reviews and post-event coverage, from several points of view, include the following articles, podcasts and videos:


We thank all of the participants, speakers, and experts for a successful and exciting day.