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Science Publications

Dr. Satya KalluriOn behalf of the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Program Science, it is my pleasure to share with you our science digests, which are a collection of technical articles generated from a series of monthly science seminars. The digests capture the importance of the close collaborative efforts between product developers and key users to conceptualize and develop new products that help improve the use of JPSS data to enhance key services, such as forecasting of severe weather events and environmental monitoring of land, ocean and the cryosphere. I would like to thank our federal staff, private sector support staff, and university partners whose contributions and dedicated efforts have made JPSS a big success.

The JPSS program is committed to ensuring that its user community is prepared to utilize the satellite imagery and data available from JPSS – the United States' next generation polar-orbiting operational environmental satellite system. JPSS provides environmental observations which are used in a wide range of application areas that include severe weather, hazards, aviation, ocean, coastal, land, imagery and data assimilation.